VVG Philosopy

Incorporating different forms of aesthetics in to everyday detail

Since the establishment of the first restaurant in 1999, we at VVG have stayed true to our values and are committed to sharing the wonderful things in life. We have gradually perfected settlement style operation methods for restaurants, cuisine services, bookshops and boutique shops and now offer ideal living spaces in the urban allyways. We hope our excellent taste can help customers establish their own life style. .
Over the past 19 years, VVG has achieved the possible and impossible with its creativity and execution. It has provided people with soothing and healthy food, offered world-class F&B services for Taipei's fashion and boutique industry, created a performance platform for the cultural, creative and design industry, and presented countless opportunities for art and craft exhibitions. Through years of experience and expertise, VVG has attempted to think outside the box and take an unorthodox approach to the conventional business management and development model by sticking to a better quality of life and integrating unique aesthetics into cuisine and boutiques. In the past, VVG accomplished its first task of bringing the beauty of the world into the land, creating harmonious interaction between aesthetics and human beings. Now, VVG is presenting the beauty of the land to the whole world, promoting community life and sustainable coexistence in an eco-friendly manner and building an aesthetic center in Taiwan.

VVG Philosophy Advocating aesthetics: upholding aesthetic taste in ingredients, meals and boutiques, and presenting them to customers with confidence. Focusing on details: professional aesthetic spirit, with a detail-oriented lifestyle. Giving back to the land: from land to table, thinking about ecological sustainability and treating the land and the environment well.

Brilliant time

2016 VVG Taichung OPENING

VVG Territory


VVG has keen aesthetic sense, enormous executive power, and great planning ability, a win-win situation for VVG and its cooperative brands. VVG has perfectly organized nearly 100 workshops, shows, bazaars, large-scale design exhibitions and other activities, with a huge turnout of millions of people in total. Let's VVG!


VVG Product adheres to life aesthetics and practice, enhancing quality of life and endowing life with simplicity and beauty, and helping everyone reach out to the world. To meet the daily needs of food, clothing, housing, and transport, it develops products such as handmade bread, skincare services, and groceries for those who like VVG's unique, elegant taste, and simple design. Let's VVG!


VVG Living operates in the form of a hotel and owns VVG BB+B (Boutique Bed and Breakfast). For either food or accommodation services, its rooms are decorated with a very artistic touch. Located on the second floor of VVG Bistro, the two apartment units of different style feature the same nice, homey atmosphere, for your comfort and taste on the trip. Let's VVG!


VVG FOOD’s tasteful physical presence is run in three forms: restaurant, cafe and catering. There are always people willing to take the trouble to the eatery just for the palatable and hot food. In the past two decades, VVG has expanded from a small restaurant in the Eastern District of Taipei to a successful catering business, springing up all over the country. What remains unchanged is its enthusiasm for food sublimated into its attachment to the land. Dishes cooked according to local conditions and solar terms bring people ordinary happiness and extraordinary satisfaction. Let's VVG!


VVG Selection is extended to bookshops and boutique shops. With sophisticated taste of a traveler around the world and by combining a wide range of lifestyle possibilities, it started from the selection and created VVG Something, one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world. Every choice is what constitutes part of a beautiful life, only if you're willing to slow down and find the right item for the sake of perfection. Let's VVG!