VVG Aesthetics

Taste is a personal's judgment of life over time, aesthetic practice everywhere.

VVG upholds the core spirit of leading a good life and incorporates aesthetic considerations into cuisine and selection, creating dialogues with customers in its every corner.

Food Performance

Looking for inspiration from food culture and changing our relationship with the land from ingredients

VVG endows "food" with a brand new aesthetic culture by means of exhibitions. We dig into the stories behind food ingredients and express the connection between ingredients, land and people in an artistic form.

Life Selection

Slow down its pace of life so that beauty can have a dialogue with space

VVG tours the world with selected articles, and reads the thoughts of all things with books. Collecting all kinds of lifestyle possibilities, it conveys aesthetic appreciation in life.

Latest News

VVG Branches

VVG has created its own aesthetic community through various life aesthetics projects, such as restaurants, bookstores, boutique shops, and catering, with stories found everywhere on the premises.